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As light as 气


(just need boots, upper body harnesses and better 3DMG)


hello! everyone who reblogs this post within the next 8 hrs will get a quick freebie cheeb like this derp:

based on your tumblr blog (theme & content!) :3

if your blog is empty/not personalized, I will skip you >v< sorry! 

if your submit is not open, I will just post them on my blog P:

thank you B) when I wake up I will close this.

still my favorites C:

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Read under cut for a quick tutorial on how you could make your own! ^^

or, tl;dr: I have the hips of a 6th grade boy

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new additions to my pokemochis <3

Hi all! Sneak peak at a future cosplay? ^^




Sweet Apple Bread
{in Korean}
{by Baking School}

Definitely going to try this!

This is so unbelievably precious! <3 <3 <3

Asian foodstuffs :3

Well hello there! My name is Annie and welcome to my handiworks and inspiration blog! Here, I will be posting origami, clay charms, feltwork, other crafts etc... made by me as well as anything I find inspirational, cute, or petite C: Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day! ********************************************** Interested in any of the things I've made? message me! I don't bite C;


~*Polymer Clay Goodies*~





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